Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heart and Sole with Aloe Crocheted Socks

Dear Creative and Inspiring Gentlefolk,

I have been able to work a bit on my crocheted socks this week.

Inbetween reading for Management, studying for Accounting, and running around with children to school, sports practice etc. I seem to have very little time leftover, so portable projects like this are fantastic!

I'm reading along with Graced and Gifted by Kimberly Hahn, and I have recently completed Fools Rush In (Weddings by Bella, book 1) by Janice Thompson and Lost Man's Lane, a second episode in the life of Amelia Butterworth by Ann Katherine Green.

Fools Rush In was a lighthearted, christian romantic comedy. I would have loved to read more in the series, but I'm saving them for a holiday.

Lost Man's Lane was the creepiest book I have read in a long time. This old suspense novel, it predates Agatha Christie, who found her inspiration for Mrs. Marple in Amelia Butterworth, absolutely left me shivering.

I haven't shivered or felt this creeped out in a long time, and I have read suspense/detective novels far more graphic than this one. If anything, the lack of 'graphic' depictions or foul language (or witchcraft etc.)  made for an even more sensational ending when the truth finally came out. My dreams the night I finished it were devious and scary. I haven't had dreams like that in a long time.

My skin crawled to the extent I wasn't even tempted to download another free Anna Katherine Green novel since. She is an excellent writer, but after such an experience, I had best leave the rest of her novels for a holiday, or until this shiver wears off.


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  1. Your sock is beautiful! I love the yarn.